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Device Integration

Ever frustrated by trying to use your portable electronics while you're on the road? Cell phones and iPods are great conveniences, but they can be a pain to manage when you're behind the wheel. That's why Suncoast Sound offers device integration services, including iPod integration and Bluetooth kits to make using your phone or mp3 player a breeze, even when you're driving. Let us help make your life easier--and safer--with iPod and Bluetooth integration. Call today to learn more!

iPod Integration

The iPod connection systems of the past did allow you to listen to your music in the car, but with seriously staticky FM transmissions and yards of tangled cables, theses systems left a lot to be desired. But with today's iPod integration from Suncoast Sound, you get great sound quality and hassle-free operation. Let us put the latest technology to use for you, directly interfacing your iPod with your car stereo for improved clarity and straightforward operation right on your car stereo deck. Your iPod integration system will even charge your mp3 player, so it's ready to go when you reach your destination! Suncoast Sound offers several options in iPod integration--visit our car audio shop today to find out which is perfect for your vehicle. Our knowledgeable team of mobile electronics professionals is ready to answer your questions, help you select components, and get you on the road to effortlessly enjoying your iPod while you're on the road!

Bluetooth Integration

We've all heard the stories and statistics: driving and talking on your cell phone at the same time can be dangerous. But with Bluetooth integration from Suncoast Sound, our hands-free technology lets you keep both hands on the wheel and use your cell phone at the same time! Call today to find out more about using the latest mobile electronics to help keep you safe. Suncoast Sound offers a number of affordable Bluetooth integration kits, enabling you to conveniently chat hands-free. For business or pleasure, you'll love its convenience and ease of operation. Many Bluetooth integration systems are available with fabulous features like: voice dialing, touch screen dialing, voice command, voice texting, and on-screen caller ID. Let the Suncoast Sound team help you make talking and driving simpler and safer: call or visit our shop today for more information on how Bluetooth integration can work for you and your vehicle.

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